19” x 56” iron, copper and brass.
12 lamps, plus three central lights.
Finish: Carnuba wax and turpentine to preserve patina.
Condition: Excellent.  Two oak leaf clusters missing.  Rewired in 2001.  Shades not original to piece.
Provenance:  The piece was purchased from Joe Lucecero.  Mr. Lucecero bought the piece from Colnik’s daughter, Gretchen.  The piece was mounted in Mr. Lucecero’s restaurant until he sold the establishment to his son.  Gretchen said that her father purchased the piece back from athe bank he made the pice for, as the bank was being raised.  (Colnik was known for purchasing his works back in such situations.)  I purchased the piece at the Lucecero estate sale.
Eight or so months after I purchased the piece, another gentleman, Robert Schade, showed me a piece that he bought from Gretchen Colnik in 1982 at her home.  I purchased the piece from Mr. Schade (who had no knowledge of this chandelier) as it was one of three missing oak leaf clusters from the chandelier.
 These two accounts, plus several motifs common in Colnik’s work, indicate to me that this is indeed a piece by the hand of Cyril Colnik.
Appraised value: $49,500.00

Three items made by Cyril Colnik
Master Blacksmith

Dan Nauman has been forging since 1979, and owns Bighorn Forge, Inc.  He has received two grants to study and promote Cyril Colnik’s work.  Nauman had a vision to promote Colnik’s workmanship through a video, and in 1998, that vision was realized in the production of “Forged Elegance; the Lifework of Master Blacksmith Cyril Colnik.”  The video aired on Wisconsin’s and Milwaukee’s Public television stations.  (Copies available) Nauman was the project’s director, and secured funding through the Wisconsin Humanity’s Council; Miller Brewing Co.; The Kailas and Becky Rao Foundation; the Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America; and several more organizations and individuals. Dan is proud to present these museum quality pieces of master crafted metal work.
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Table #1:
17” x 32 ½” with white marble top. 
Finish:  Black semi gloss paint.
Condition: Good to excellent. 
One petal of a rose bud missing.
Paint aged and chipped.
Provenance: None.
However, the roses, rose buds, and leaves are identical to Table #2, which has provenance.  Other features typical of Colnik’s workmanship.
Appraised value:  $8,500.00
Table #2:
25” x 31” with pink granite top.
Finish:  Wax
Condition: Good.
Some rose and rose bud petals missing.  Table’s top not original to piece.
Provenance:  Original photograph on file at Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, Milwaukee, WI.
Appraised value: $7,500.00