Birch Point Residence

Elk Antler Chandelier

The clients had visited the Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion (Milwaukee, WI), and upon seeing the elk antler chandelier in the grand foyer, they knew they wanted something similar for the dining hall in their lodge near Hayward, WI. Designed by the clients to reflect a 1930’s east-coat hunting lodge, the interior is filled with nostalgia of the period, boasting numerous trophies of elk, black bear, bobcat, vintage furniture, and fabulous views of the surrounding forest from just about every room. The shades are of slumped glass, made by glass artist John Abler of Kiel, WI.

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Birch Point Elk Antler Chandelier

This is the Birch Point Chandelier.  Designed and executed by Dan Nauman.  It was installed May 26, 2016 near Hayward in northern Wisconsin.  I was assisted in the installation by my assistant, Jeremiah Backhaus, who also helped me with some aspects of making this piece.  One of the owners, as

Elk Antler Chandelier “In Progress” Images

This elk-antler chandelier is being made for a “cabin” in northern Wisconsin.  When completed, it will have 15 lamps, and two stained-glass shades, one mounted at the top, and one at the bottom.  There will be added metalwork to mount the shades as well. Stay tuned to see the finished