Artist Statement

The immediacy of the process of forging, in which each blow of the hammer yields change to glowing metal, impressed and intrigued me from the very beginning. I crave to share what I have learned and what I have cultivated into what I create; to convey to the audience the excitement and the energy of what I have experienced in shaping the material.

When represented in metal, the discipline, finesse and refinement of classic styles can visually defy the material’s stubbornness.  Mastering the classic forms serves as a foundation, allowing me to explore more unusual and innovative designs.

In sculptural elements, the immense power used to shape the material is often reflected in the finished piece, emitting energy to the audience.  Thus, this intensity of the process is to me as much a part of the art-form as is the finished work.  The radiant heat, the scaling of the metal when cooling, the curious forms that awaken with each blow of the hammer; all these and more add to a colorful experience for me and consequently the onlooker.

Though still concerned about process, I am more focused on the design, often allowing the metal to show off its attributes; to release it’s raw strength and nature in works that will cause the audience to want to view the work from several vantage points, each new view producing a fresh visual experience.

Dan Nauman