Cedarburg Residence

Garden Gate

This gate was made for a couple who live in Cedarburg, WI. Both are master gardeners, and fashioned a gorgeous terraced floral garden complete with limestone and fieldstone accents. This gate was made for a special garden enclosed within a fieldstone wall. Because of the great variety of flowering plants, a menagerie of interesting insects visits their gardens regularly, i.e. the hummingbird moth, walking stick, etc. Within the client’s home, they have a large entomological collection consisting of butterflies, moths, beetles, and more. This gate playfully reflects their appreciation for insects, featuring stylized insect abdomens, legs, and a spider’s web. (Lottermoser Image)

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Cedarburg Garden Gate

Designing decorative and architectural ironwork often has its frustrating moments…..hours……days. The design for this garden gate in Cedarburg needed to address the wonderful stonework, the bursts of foliage and color in the gardens, and the starkness of the winter months. Before the pencil proceeds to sketch ideas, a trip to