Former Estate of Harvey Firestone, Jr.

Driveway Gates

This was one of two identical gates, restored in conjunction with Finelli Architectural Iron and Stairs of Solon, OH. These gates were made by master blacksmith Edgar Brandt of France. My involvement was to reproduce 510 elements that included rosettes, acanthus leaves, and husks, all through the process of French repoussé. Most of the original elements were stamped, however the only way to accurately reproduce them was to make them by hand using tiny metal stakes and hammers. Many of the pieces were very intricate, requiring many hours to make a single element. For instance, there are 64 five-inch square rosettes, and it took roughly five hours to complete just one piece.

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Restored Twin Gates Receive Gold Medal

Jim Korosec of “Finelli Ironworks”, contacted me a few years ago to help his company restore two sets of identical gates in Cleveland, Ohio.  That was the beginning of a long, interesting, and sometimes trying journey. I am pleased to announce that through a combined effort with “Finnelli Ironworks” of

Calyx forms for Edgar Brandt Gate Restoration

In August of last year, I stopped to see a potential client in Ohio about a gate restoration. The client, a fabricating firm, was needing someone to reproduce 12 different forms, i.e. calyx/husk forms, acanthus leaves, rosettes, and more, using the process of French Repoussé. There are two identical driveway