Custom Projects

My experience from working with numerous styles and metals allows me to design, and then create something unique for your home, office, or landscape. Thus, I create one-of-a-kind pieces taking into consideration the client’s taste, environment, and goals.

If you have a need for some special metalwork, I will be happy to speak with you about your project(s). The following information will help to plan for your future project:

Stage 1: Attention to Details

  1. Function.  Determine exactly what it is you want your project to provide.
  2. Style.  Consider the style of your project, i.e. Baroque, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, etc., or a more contemporary and expressive style.  We will offer suggestions based on the style of the environment, your tastes, and your goals.
  3. Metal.  Do you wish to have your project made of steel, stainless steel, bronze, or copper?
  4. Budget.  Decide what you are willing to spend on your project.
  5. Provide details. Images of your project site are helpful, as are critical measurements, and whether it is an existing structure or soon to be built.
  6. Contractors/Interior Designers.  If there are other workers on your project, i.e. an interior designer, general contractor, mason, carpenter, etc., please provide this information.
  7. Project Schedule. Please give plenty of advanced time for your metalwork project.  My backlog often exceeds 6-8 months, and the design process can take several weeks as well.  I may also need to interact with the contractors and workmen to insure proper installation of the metalwork.
  8. Contact me with the above information.

Stage 2: Project Meeting

I will review the information submitted, and an appointment will be made to visit your project site, or if out of state, a Skype meeting will be arranged.  Final design details are determined, such as what type of metal, what type of finish, specific motifs, and other details you want included in your project.

Stage 3: Designing Your Project

If all agree that your project should proceed based on your budget, and the projected cost of the project, I will begin the design phase.  A 10% design fee is required to begin this phase (i.e. if the project is estimated at $10,000, the design fee is $1,000.  There is a $400 minimum.)  I often interact with the client by e-mail during this phase, e-mailing sketches or design thoughts.

Stage 4: Project Design Presentation

Once a design has been completed, I will contact you for a meeting to present you with final drawings, and a detailed quotation.  This is the last stage before building your project.  Minor details are settled, and the quotation is signed, and becomes a contract.  A down payment or 10% to 50% is also collected at this time.  (Standard procedure for this type of work.)  On larger projects, monthly progress payments will be arranged.

Once the designs have been approved, and the contract is signed, your project is added to my books, and will be built as soon as possible.  Below are some selected projects, showing the presentation drawing next to the finished project.