Lynden Sculpture Garden

Bronze Railing

The president of the garden’s board of directors asked that the design of this entirely bronze railing reflect rings floating away from the adjacent building. With the exception of the terminus, all rings were split out of ¾” square bronze bar, and then forged to round. To give the effect of the floating rings, some of the balusters were twisted, which oriented the integral rings into different planes. (Lottermoser image)

The Lynden Sculpture Garden, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, offers a unique experience of art in nature through its collection of more than 50 monumental sculptures sited across 40 acres of park, lake and woodland.

Entrance Gate

The gate is the first thing patrons will see when entering Lynden, and since this is a sculpture garden, I wanted the gate to reflect this theme. I also intended to display the many plastic characteristics of the material in a potpourri of form…call it “Jazz in Metal.” That said, each element can be viewed as an individual, however each motif also plays with lines or characteristics of a near neighbor; much like the instruments in a jazz band. Close inspection reveals elements seemingly doing there own thing, while the larger picture provides a visual roller coaster ride of forms. (Lottermoser image)

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Return to Lynden Bronze Rail

I just wanted to show you folks how the patina on a bronze railing is coming along. I installed this last year at “Lynden Sculpture Garden” in Milwaukee, WI. Above is how it looks today, below is the way it looked after installing the last panel in August of 2010.

Lynden Sculpture Garden East Driveway Gate

This is a driveway gate recently completed and installed for “Lynden Sculpture Garden” in Milwaukee, WI. (Note: To see larger images, simply click on the image, and a larger image will appear. Click again on that image for an even larger photo.) The gate was installed on a cold winter

Bronze Railing at Lynden Sculpture Garden

As promised, here are new images of the bronze railing I forged for “Lynden Sculpture Garden” in Milwaukee. I am adding these images, as the images published earlier in this blog were taken by me shortly after installing various sections. Since the railing was installed one piece at a time

Lynden Sculpture Garden Bronze Railing Finished

This morning I installed the terminus of the bronze railing at the Lynden Sculpture Garden. As you can see, the terminus is highly polished, and will need a few weeks to achieve the patina of the other four panels, which were installed earlier this year. When the patina reaches uniformity,

Lynden Sculpture Garden Bronze Railing

Currently, I am forging a bronze railing for the “Lynden Sculpture Garden” in Milwaukee, WI. The garden was formerly named the “Bradley Sculpture Garden”. It is owned by the Bradley Family Foundation, and is now opened daily to the public as of May 30th of this year. The garden is