Restored Twin Gates Receive Gold Medal

Jim Korosec of “Finelli Ironworks”, contacted me a few years ago to help his company restore two sets of identical gates in Cleveland, Ohio.  That was the beginning of a long, interesting, and sometimes trying journey. I am pleased to announce that through a combined effort with “Finnelli Ironworks” of

Calyx forms for Edgar Brandt Gate Restoration

In August of last year, I stopped to see a potential client in Ohio about a gate restoration. The client, a fabricating firm, was needing someone to reproduce 12 different forms, i.e. calyx/husk forms, acanthus leaves, rosettes, and more, using the process of French Repoussé. There are two identical driveway

Colnik Grille Restoration

In 2008, I had the privilege to restore a very large window grille made by master blacksmith Cyril Colnik. The grille belongs to the “Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion” and is situated on the northern exterior of the building. It measures 66″ x 99″. The approximate age of the grille is

German Renaissance Style Sign Bracket

Above is a European sign bracket, a fine example the German Renaissance style. It was one of several “tavern style” sign brackets I restored for this client. Below are images taken after sandblasting, revealing the delicate chased details. Above we see a fine example of the whimsical figurines so often

Cyril Colnik: Unusual Joint

These are images from a repair job for a client whose iron fence had been struck by a car. The fence was made by Cyril Colnik. Repairing and restoring vintage ironwork has many rewards and also some surprises. In this case, the surprise was how Colnik solved a joint problem

Baroque Grave Cross

Continuing with the liturgical aspects of decorative ironwork……… This Grave Cross was one of several pieces I restored for a client in southeastern Wisconsin. This collection of ironwork is extraordinary in that most of it is of a distinct European flavor, spanning several styles and applications. The exciting aspect to

Late 19th Century Sign Bracket

This is a sign bracket that I restored for a client several years ago. The workmanship is reminiscent of German ironwork during the Renaissance. After removing the many years of paint, it is always interesting to see the various tool marks, forge welds, and in this case, all the brazed