About Bighorn Forge

Dan Nauman Interviewed on “BlacksmitHER” Podcast

Just a quick note: Last week I was interviewed by Victoria Patti of “BlacksmitHER Radio”, a podcast site where Victoria has candid interviews with metalworkers, artists and artisans alike.  The address is www.blacksmither.com. In this interview, Ms. Patti essentially announces to the listeners one of my new endeavors: I am

Blacksmith Images from Amateur Photographer Augie Stark

These images were shot by amateur photographer Augie Stark, who visited my shop on two occasions this year.  Augie is taking a photography class at the University of Wisconsin/Madison.   Very impressive images, as they show texture, and great composition…both qualities I enjoy, and why I particularly enjoy B+W photography.

I Am a Blacksmith

In today’s world of mass production, fast food, and high tech, I have chosen a profession that requires a slow, methodical approach. I am a blacksmith. My shop is filled with what most folks would consider as antiques, however they are everyday tools for me. Many of these tools I

Milwaukee Area Blacksmith

Bighorn Forge, Inc., a blacksmith shop, is located just north of Milwaukee, in the town of Kewaskum. Blacksmith Dan Nauman was born in Milwaukee, and established Bighorn Forge in Kewaskum in 1990. Much of Dan’s work as a blacksmith can be found in the Milwaukee area, in surrounding Milwaukee suburbs,

Dan Nauman: Ironworks Exhibition

News Release: “Dan Nauman: Expression in Iron” April 14 – June 27, 2010 Opening Reception: April 14, 2010 5:30 – 8:30 PM “Longtime Wisconsin blacksmith Dan Nauman has worked closely with the Cyril Colnik Collection at the Villa Terrace. His solo exhibition covers new works, some of which draw on


Dan Nauman began forging in 1979. He has traveled the US to learn what he can from others about forging. He has operated out of his studio in Kewaskum, Wisconsin since 1987. In 1990, Dan incorporated Bighorn Forge, Inc., and began forging full time in 1993. From 1995 to 2002

New Forms From the Forge

After many years of producing decorative and architectural ironwork reflecting classic designs, I have more recently had the opportunity to express myself in designs that reflect more of the plasticity of the metal.  Guided by my blacksmith instincts, the resulting forms are based on what I have learned over the

Repoussé Artist Dan Nauman

Dan Nauman has been practicing and teaching the art of repoussé, more specifically “French Repoussé”, since 1994.  He studied with the late Nahum Hersom of Boise, Idaho in the early 90’s.  Nauman applies this form of metalwork to his hand-forged creations, as well as to restorations around the country. French Repoussé, often

Welcome to a new journey in iron.

This is indeed going to be a journey.  It will be interesting even to me as to where this dialogue leads me as the moderator, as well as you, the reader.  It is my initial hope to get you better acquainted with ironwork, with my work, and to some extent,