Tom Latané

“Console Table 2015” by Dan Nauman

The debut of “Console Table 2015” was last evening, at an event entitled, “Artist Bike Night” at the “Iron Horse Hotel” in Milwaukee, WI.  I was invited to exhibit there along with three other artists.  I must have seen over three hundred bikes…mainly Harley-Davidsons.  It was an enjoyable, and LOUD,

Norse Style Axe by Tom Latané, Pepin, WI

My friend Tom Latané of Pepin, WI, recently completed the above Norse style axe. Tom and his wife, Catherine (Kitty), visited Norway last year. While there, Tom inspected some locally made axes, and used the axes pictured below as models for his axe. Havard Bergland was the host of the

Lock Box (Iron Chest, or Strong Box)

This piece deserves a chapter all by itself. I had the privilege to clean this iron chest, as well as a smaller version, for the same client. I had only seen one of these chests, or “strong boxes” one other time before seeing this one. I was in Asheville, NC

Copper Repoussé, Using the “Pitch” Method

“Jacob Marley“; 4″ x 5”, 16 gauge copper, wax finish. The above image is of a copper face that I completed yesterday, using the “pitch” method of repoussé. Some folks refer to this process as “high relief chasing.” In April of this year, Tom Latané of T+C Latané, Pepin, WI,

Behind The Scenes II

This piece, entitled “Escutcheon”, by master blacksmith Cyril Colnik (1871-1958) is one of the finest examples of repoussé that I have ever seen. It is made from 16 gauge (1/16″ thick) iron, demonstrating the elastic nature of iron. This piece, with it’s cherubs, laurels, ribbons, along with a crown with

French Repoussé: Leaf Development

French repoussé, also called “hammer and stake raising”, is one of several repoussé processes. This method utilizes several small raising hammers, that lightly strike the sheet metal over various stake forms held in a vise. Another process involves “sinking”, by using various punch-like forms to force the sheet metal into