“Console Table 2015” by Dan Nauman

The debut of “Console Table 2015” was last evening, at an event entitled, “Artist Bike Night” at the “Iron Horse Hotel” in Milwaukee, WI.  I was invited to exhibit there along with three other artists.  I must have seen over three hundred bikes…mainly Harley-Davidsons.  It was an enjoyable, and LOUD,

Restored Twin Gates Receive Gold Medal

Jim Korosec of “Finelli Ironworks”, contacted me a few years ago to help his company restore two sets of identical gates in Cleveland, Ohio.  That was the beginning of a long, interesting, and sometimes trying journey. I am pleased to announce that through a combined effort with “Finnelli Ironworks” of

Repoussé XI: Wood Forming and Misc. Tools for Repoussé

This is s continuing series, consisting of the writings of French repoussé master Nahum Hersom. I have transcribed exactly as Nahum had written, unless indicated by ((double parenthesis)). I photocopied his 8-1/2″ x 14″ workbook at a Kinko’s in Boise, Idaho in 1994.  Unfortunately, some of the information is missing,

Repoussé X: Under Tool (Stake) Designs for Repoussé

This is a continuing series, consisting of the writings of French repoussé master Nahum Hersom.  I have transcribed his words exactly, unless indicated by ((double parenthesis)). The following pages are from 8-1/2″ x 14″ pages.  However my scanner can only scan 8-1/2″ x 11″, so I have split the pages

Repoussé VIII: Filing, polishing, grinding and finishes

This is a continuation of the writings of French repoussé master, Nahum Hersom. ((My corrections or additions are in double parenthesis…otherwise all are as written by Nahum.)) Filing and Tools Best files for leaf work are 1/2 round 4″. Make second cut with point end not over 1/8″ wider.  Use

“Work Book of Patterns” (For Repoussé)

In continuing with my tribute to the late repoussé artisan Nahum Hersom, I am including some of his repoussé patterns in this blog.  I do this as Nahum, as well as his mentors Steven Molnar and Valentin Goelz, wanted this process to be carried on.  Here is Nahum’s dedication statement