Gates & Railings

Lynden Sculpture Garden Bronze Railing

Currently, I am forging a bronze railing for the “Lynden Sculpture Garden” in Milwaukee, WI. The garden was formerly named the “Bradley Sculpture Garden”. It is owned by the Bradley Family Foundation, and is now opened daily to the public as of May 30th of this year. The garden is

Poolside Gate

The gate in the image above was designed for a client that needed a security gate for an outdoor pool. In Wisconsin, there are several requirements for pool gates in order to meet building codes, designed to keep young children from drowning. One of the features the gate needs to

Cedarburg Garden Gate

Designing decorative and architectural ironwork often has its frustrating moments…..hours……days. The design for this garden gate in Cedarburg needed to address the wonderful stonework, the bursts of foliage and color in the gardens, and the starkness of the winter months. Before the pencil proceeds to sketch ideas, a trip to