Forged Railings by Dan Nauman

Selected forged railings designed and created by Dan Nauman.  The above railing won a gold medal from the “National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association” (NOMMA) in 2013.  The image below shows the verdigris patina that is evolviing after a few years. The above railing panels were exterior railings for a

Forged Lighting and Candlesticks by Dan Nauman

Selected forged lighting, designewd and created by Dan Nauman.  However, the Pabst chandelier above, and the two wall sconces below, are reproductions of work originally made for the mansion, but removed by former owners over the years. The originals were made by Austiran born master blacksmith, Cyril Colnik (1871-1958).

Repoussé Artist Dan Nauman

Dan Nauman has been practicing and teaching the art of repoussé, more specifically “French Repoussé”, since 1994.  He studied with the late Nahum Hersom of Boise, Idaho in the early 90’s.  Nauman applies this form of metalwork to his hand-forged creations, as well as to restorations around the country. French Repoussé, often