Ironwork Processes

Repoussé VII: Leaf Process

This is a continuation of the writings of Nahum “Grandpa” Hersom. I am editing where I see fit. My changes/additions will be in parrethesis with “d.n.” This installment, as in some others, seems to be fragmented. I believe these writings were a “work in progress” for Grandpa, and thus some

Repoussé VI: Leaf Processes

This is a continuation of the writings of the late repoussé artisan Nahum “Grandpa” Hersom. Nahum gave me a plethora of notes and drawings. I feel compelled to share his knowledge, to honor Nahum and his life’s work. Plus, there are few books on this subject. These writings should be

Repoussé V

This is a continuing series based on the writings of the late repousse’ master, Nahum Hersom. As I have stated in other posts, I will edit by either using parenthesis, or my initials (D.N.) Warning: The products, methods, and/or processes listed here and in other related postings, may be hazardous,

Calyx forms for Edgar Brandt Gate Restoration

In August of last year, I stopped to see a potential client in Ohio about a gate restoration. The client, a fabricating firm, was needing someone to reproduce 12 different forms, i.e. calyx/husk forms, acanthus leaves, rosettes, and more, using the process of French Repoussé. There are two identical driveway

Repoussé IV “Drills and Drilling”

Note:This is a continuation of notes compiled by the late repoussé artisan, Nahum Hersom. The text is printed verbatim, unless indicated by parenthesis and /or initials “D.N.”. The processes listed here are not necessarily endorsed by me, or Bighorn Forge, Inc. They are being published so that the writings of

Norse Style Axe by Tom Latané, Pepin, WI

My friend Tom Latané of Pepin, WI, recently completed the above Norse style axe. Tom and his wife, Catherine (Kitty), visited Norway last year. While there, Tom inspected some locally made axes, and used the axes pictured below as models for his axe. Havard Bergland was the host of the

Repoussé II: “Sheet Metal Punches”

With repoussé artist Nahum Hersom’s passing a few months ago, I decided to share some of his writings with others that might be interested. This is the second installment. Note: Words in parenthesis are added, or rephrased for better understanding. Sheet Metal Punches for Holes Holes can be punched through

Repoussé I: “Leaf Processes”

The following is one of several installments that I will post regarding repoussé artist Nahum Hersom’s teachings. This segment of his teaching instructs the student how to prepare and apply a leaf pattern for repoussé work. (Note: I am copying Nahum’s words verbatim. Some references he makes apply to other