Arts and Crafts Inspired Fire Tools

This set of fire tools was inspired by the Arts and Crafts style. Though a newer home, the client’s home speaks of this style. The dimensions were dictated by the client’s request to have 30″ long tools. Thus, the stand has a height of 43″, and is 10″ wide. Bee’s wax finish.

This is the most intricate set of fire tools I have made to date. There are 70 plus individual pieces, and about as many rivets.
The materials used are mild steel, copper and micah. Several elements were cut using small chisels, then refined by filing. The processes used to make this set are in keeping with the A+C era as well, i.e. forging, forge welding, riveting, chisel cutting, and filing.

The elements which utilize micah are intended to give off a warm glow when backlit by the fire.

Images by George Lottermoser of “Lottermoser and Associates.”
…Dan Nauman
“Say to wisdom, “You are my sister”, and call insight your intimate friend.”….Proverbs 7:4

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