Behind The Scenes I

Blacksmith Francis Whitaker, (1906 -1999) was in Germany for two years working for Master Blacksmith Julius Schramm. Schramm (1870 – 1945) asked a young Francis how he was to address a specific problem on a stand to hold a large bowl. Francis replied to the master that he would simply

Cedarburg Garden Gate

Designing decorative and architectural ironwork often has its frustrating moments…..hours……days. The design for this garden gate in Cedarburg needed to address the wonderful stonework, the bursts of foliage and color in the gardens, and the starkness of the winter months. Before the pencil proceeds to sketch ideas, a trip to

Late 19th Century Sign Bracket

This is a sign bracket that I restored for a client several years ago. The workmanship is reminiscent of German ironwork during the Renaissance. After removing the many years of paint, it is always interesting to see the various tool marks, forge welds, and in this case, all the brazed

Master Blacksmith Samuel Yellin

Master Blacksmith Samuel Yellin (1885-1940) of Galicia, Poland, came to America in 1906. Probably the best known of the European born master blacksmiths in America, Yellin set up shop in Philadelphia in 1909. His last shop was located on Arch Street. Yellin was a prolific businessman. His shop boasted over

Master Blacksmith Cyril Colnik

Master Blacksmith Cyril Colnik (1871-1958) came to the United States in 1893 along with the German government to the 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition. Born on September 20th in Triebein, Austria, Colnik initially studied metalwork locally. According to guild tradition, he then traveled Europe as a journeyman, which brought him to

New Forms From the Forge

After many years of producing decorative and architectural ironwork reflecting classic designs, I have more recently had the opportunity to express myself in designs that reflect more of the plasticity of the metal.  Guided by my blacksmith instincts, the resulting forms are based on what I have learned over the

Repoussé Artist Dan Nauman

Dan Nauman has been practicing and teaching the art of repoussé, more specifically “French Repoussé”, since 1994.  He studied with the late Nahum Hersom of Boise, Idaho in the early 90’s.  Nauman applies this form of metalwork to his hand-forged creations, as well as to restorations around the country. French Repoussé, often

Welcome to a new journey in iron.

This is indeed going to be a journey.  It will be interesting even to me as to where this dialogue leads me as the moderator, as well as you, the reader.  It is my initial hope to get you better acquainted with ironwork, with my work, and to some extent,