Kitchen Chandelier

This kitchen chandelier was installed this past week.  It is 24″ x 32″ x 17″, mild steel, with a Gilders Paste black finish, with bronze highlights.  All the oak leaves were hand cut, filed, veined, and formed.  The acorns were made with a top and bottom die, filed, and formed. The

Repoussé VII: Leaf Process

This is a continuation of the writings of Nahum “Grandpa” Hersom. I am editing where I see fit. My changes/additions will be in parrethesis with “d.n.” This installment, as in some others, seems to be fragmented. I believe these writings were a “work in progress” for Grandpa, and thus some

Repoussé VI: Leaf Processes

This is a continuation of the writings of the late repoussé artisan Nahum “Grandpa” Hersom. Nahum gave me a plethora of notes and drawings. I feel compelled to share his knowledge, to honor Nahum and his life’s work. Plus, there are few books on this subject. These writings should be

Repoussé V

This is a continuing series based on the writings of the late repousse’ master, Nahum Hersom. As I have stated in other posts, I will edit by either using parenthesis, or my initials (D.N.) Warning: The products, methods, and/or processes listed here and in other related postings, may be hazardous,

Arts and Crafts Inspired Fire Tools

This set of fire tools was inspired by the Arts and Crafts style. Though a newer home, the client’s home speaks of this style. The dimensions were dictated by the client’s request to have 30″ long tools. Thus, the stand has a height of 43″, and is 10″ wide. Bee’s